Viper 2

Viper Revision 2

Viper was a robot that competed in the first season of Robotica. It was originally a red 6 wheeled box wedge shaped robot that could run either way up, its front wedge was modified into more of a ramming wedge for Season 3.0. It beat Evil Beaver in the preliminary stages then beat Panzer Mk 1 in the Fight to the Finish but lost to Juggerbot in the preliminary stages of the Final. It returned for Robotica Season 3.0 in the sixth episode as Viper Revision 2 where it beat Particle Accelerator in the preliminary stages (beating Particle Accelerator's score of 30 with a score 145) but then lost to Rambot in the Fight to the Finish.

Team Viper entered the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with Snake Bite which lost in the second of the heat after qualifying from the same melee as Panzer Mk 4.

Wins: 6

Losses: 4

Total Points: 490

Season Round Opponent Trial Points Result
1.0 Heat Evil Beaver Speedway 60 Won
Evil Beaver Maze 60 Won
Evil Beaver Gauntlet 100 Won
Panzer Mk 1 Fight to the Finish N/A Won
Final Juggerbot Speedway 20 Lost
Juggerbot Maze 45 Lost
Juggerbot Gauntlet 60 Lost
3.0 Heat 3 Particle Accelerator Gauntlet 95 Won
Particle Accelerator Labyrinth 50 Won
Rambot Fight to the Finish N/A Lost