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Viper 2

Viper Revision 2

Viper was a robot that competed in the first season of Robotica. It was originally a red 6 wheeled box wedge shaped robot that could run either way up, its front wedge was modified into more of a ramming wedge for Season 3.0. It beat Evil Beaver in the preliminary stages then beat Panzer Mk 1 in the Fight to the Finish but lost to Juggerbot in the preliminary stages of the Final. It returned for Robotica Season 3.0 in the sixth episode as Viper Revision 2 where it beat Particle Accelerator in the preliminary stages (beating Particle Accelerator's score of 30 with a score 145) but then lost to Rambot in the Fight to the Finish.

Team Viper entered the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with Snake Bite which lost in the second of the heat after qualifying from the same melee as Panzer Mk 4.

Wins: 6

Losses: 4

Total Points: 490

Season Round Opponent Trial Points Result
1.0 Heat 6 Evil Beaver Speedway 60 Won
Evil Beaver Maze 60 Won
Evil Beaver Gauntlet 100 Won
Panzer Mk 1 Fight to the Finish N/A Won
Final Juggerbot Speedway 20 Lost
Juggerbot Maze 45 Lost
Juggerbot Gauntlet 60 Lost
3.0 Heat 6 Particle Accelerator Gauntlet 95 Won
Particle Accelerator Labyrinth 50 Won
Rambot Fight to the Finish N/A Lost

Ahmet Zappa[]

He's a 206 lb snake with wedges made form lexan and steel, he's invertable, he's encryptable, he also comes into convertable, Make way for VIPER!

Ladies and Gentlemen the evil snake himself...VIPAAAAHH!


It's the snake himself VIPAAAAHHH!

He's a wedge with an edge, steer clear from the venom of VIPER!

Slithering into the arena, It's 198 lbs of avengeful robot, lighter and faster than it's predecessor, it's VIPER REVISION 2!