The Labyrinth is an obstacle course used during the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Robotica. It features multuple challenges that robots must overcome in order to break/knock-off panes of red glass. When all the panes are broken/knocked off, a siren will sound that signals that the gates blocking the final challenge are able to be pushed over. The obstacles include a suspension bridge, a flip framp, speed bumps sand pit and pneumatic spikes. Robots start in the center of a turn table that rotates in the final seconds leading up to the start of the course. Robots in this course were not only able to use their weapons but also had to take on the Robotica Rats, two two-wheeled RC rats, one red and one gray designed to resemble rats with a sawblade at the back above their tails. The rats were generally proven ineffective and at least one of them was trashed by Kritical Mass at that stage of the show.