The Gauntlet was a narrow path featuring five obstacles for robots to overcome, a pane of glass with the show's logo on it, cans, bricks, cement blocks and finally a 150 pound box designed like a safe. The Gauntlet proved to be one of the more challenging trials on the show as robots usually found themselves stuck on either the cans, the bricks, or the blocks. Since the mock safe was last, it proved to be the most challenging of the obstacles with robots basically having to inch it backward to eventually gain the victory. Though it was possible to blaze through this trial, it often ended with the high-speed backfiring, leaving the robot beached on debris.

For Season 2, The Gauntlet was completely redesigned to have both robots move in opposite directions around a square to overcome not only their obstacles but when they passed the halfway point, each other and their opponent's rubble. When they reached the starting point, each robot can move up the ramp and start smashing the glass panes. When all the glass panes are destroyed, a final pane with the Robotica logo slides down and the first one to smash it is the winner.