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Spring Breaker

The front of Spring Breaker

Spring Breaker was a robot described as half stealth fighter, half eagle that competed in Season 1.0 of Robotica. It was a pointed double-wedge shaped robot that had a colorful custom paint-job that had the face of a bald eagle painted on the front wedge and a sunrise painting on the back wedge. Spring Breaker lost to eventual champion Run Amok in all three preliminary trials as it was a lot slower and had much less pushing power.

Spring Breaker's front wedge was designed by builder Rich Riendeau to deflect opponents' blows. Riendeau was inspired by his experience in karate to design Spring Breaker in this manner.

In college, Riendeau was part of a team that built an electric hybrid car.


In the Speedway, Spring Breaker was sluggish in its run and stalled for about 30 seconds as it neared completion of the first lap when a ballast weight in the front of the robot came loose. Spring Breaker managed to start up again, scoring its only lap with 28 seconds left on the clock while the much faster Run Amok had already completed 3 laps. As time ran out, Spring Breaker was shunted off the course by Run Amok.

In the Maze, Spring Breaker started off very well, driving over the ramp and shoving the block out of the way before Run Amok could. After clearing the two swinging doors, Spring Breaker had difficulty approaching the speed bumps and got stuck due to its low ground clearance, while Run Amok went on to complete the maze.

During the Gauntlet, Spring Breaker was the slower of the two robots off the start. It broke thru the glass wall but then struggled to topple the wall of cans as Run Amok quickly passed thru the glass wall, cans, and brick wall to bash against the concrete block wall. Regrouping, Spring Breaker managed to topple the cans but struggled to push them out of the way. It then got stuck on the railings and was unable to free itself as Run Amok completed the Gauntlet by ramming the vault into the end zone.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3

Total Points: 70

Season Round Opponent Trial Points Result
1.0 Heat Run Amok Speedway 10 Lost
Run Amok Maze 45 Lost
Run Amok Gauntlet 15 Lost

Ahmet Zappa Introductions[]

Ladies and Gentlemen, SPRING BREAKER!