KaNuckle Buster

KaNuckle Buster

KaNuckle Buster

KaNuckle Buster negotiates an obstacle

KaNuckle Buster Demo

KaNuckle Buster in the starting gate with its weaponry raised

KaNuckle Buster was a robot that competed in Season 2.0 of Robotica. It was a green four-wheeled box shaped robot with a lifting plough at the front that had a pair of open hands painted on it. It had a self-righting arm on each side (even though it could run either way up) that gave KaNuckle Buster the ability to lift itself off the ground and possibly free itself from being stuck obstacles. The wheels were custom built by KaNuckle Buster's builder as no wheels on the market was anything like what he wanted. It lost to Zero in the Preliminary Stages.

Wins: 1

Losses: 1

Total Points: 105

Season Round Event Opponent Points Result
2.0 Heat Gauntlet Zero 90 Won
Labyrinth Zero 15 Lost